About New World Pasta

You grew up with our brands. New World Pasta is a leading branded dry pasta manufacturer in the United States and Canada, producing many of the high-quality products that have become your meal-time favorites.

New World Pasta, headquartered in Pennsylvania, provides pasta meal solutions for every family member's taste and diet. We have something for your whole family, from our regional classic white pasta brands to our even-better-for-you healthy pasta brands including:

• Ronzoni® Healthy Harvest® – It's delicious, 100% whole grain pasta that has 56g of whole grains per serving... twice as much as a leading whole grain pasta brand.
• Ronzoni Garden Delight® – Pasta with a half serving of vegetables in every 2 oz. portion.* Delight your family and your taste buds.
• Ronzoni® Smart Taste® – White pasta with 2.5x the fiber of regular pasta. It is also an excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D. Tastes so good, your kids will never know how healthy it is.
• No Yolks® – The healthier, cholesterol free alternative to regular egg noodles.
• Wacky Mac® – Cool pasta shapes and colors that make pasta meals more fun.

We're proud that New World Pasta has achieved a loyal following over the years with regional brands such as Ronzoni®, Creamette®, San Giorgio®, American Beauty®, Prince®, Skinner® and Light 'n Fluffy®. These American pasta brands from which New World Pasta was formed were built upon a firm commitment to quality and value. These principles continue to guide us today.

Our manufacturing plants are located in Fresno, CA; St. Louis, MO; and Winchester, VA. New World Pasta also owns Catelli Foods Corporation, which manufactures Catelli®, the #1 pasta in Canada, produced in Montreal, Quebec.

Our Heritage

The pasta brands from which New World Pasta formed are built upon a firm commitment to quality and value. The brands all began as family-run companies, some more than a century old, and the principles that helped garner their intense customer loyalty are the same principles that guide New World Pasta today.

New World Pasta was created in 1999 as a private company out of the Hershey Pasta Group. Although known primarily for its chocolate and confections, Hershey had bought small independent pasta makers with strong regional followings since the mid-1960s including Ronzoni®, San Giorgio®, Skinner® and American Beauty®.

In 2001, New World Pasta combined the former Hershey operations with most of the pasta division of Borden Foods. Five regional U.S. brands, two Canadian brands and two Italian brands were acquired in the deal including the formidable brands of Prince® and Creamette® in the US, and Catelli® and Lancia® in Canada.

In 2006, the Company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Puleva, S. A. (now Ebro Foods), world's leading food companies. The company also manufactures pasta for private labels and sells pasta and pasta products to institutional customers.

In 2012, New World Pasta acquired the No Yolks® and Wacky Mac® brands in the U.S. and Canada from Strom Products, Ltd. No Yolks is the market leader in the noodle segment in both countries.

Today, New World Pasta is the undisputed leader in North American pasta sales.